Innovation in Off Grid Technology

Zimpertec offers a wide range of products optimized and perfectly suited for off grid applications:

Solar Home Kits

Solar Kits for various application and high flexibiliy in their component combination.

  • SHS-256Wh to 640Wh
  • LSX-89Wh to 268Wh
  • LS-51Wh to 89Wh

The technology can be combined with Pay-As-You-Go offerings


  • LS_02
  • LS
  • LSX_2


The Compact Solar Home System for higher power applications:Home application, Shop application, Industry application, uninterruptable power supply, Systems from 2kWh to 5kWh Battery Capacity

Solar Street Light

Providing excellent performance in light efficiency, lifetime and temperature reliability for the Zimpertec Light Engine. Integrated lenses together with the high transparency PC-Cover lead to an optimized light pattern on the road, which can provide good light distribution even with pole spacing up to 30 m apart.

  • Street lamp 2
  • Street lamp 3
  • Street lamp 4
  • Street lamp 5
  • Street lamp