Innovation in Off Grid Technology

AC Solar Home System

The compact Solar Home System for productive rural applications:

  • Rural medical centers,
  • Home, farm, cooling application,
  • Shop, restaurant application,
  • Industry application,

Systems from 2.56 kWh to 5.12 kWh Battery Capacity

AC Solar Home Systems
Technical Documentation
Datasheet-LS-AC-2kWac-x.xkWh-2021-01-30-v3-1.pdf (579.97KB)
AC Solar Home Systems
Technical Documentation
Datasheet-LS-AC-2kWac-x.xkWh-2021-01-30-v3-1.pdf (579.97KB)

The LiFePO4 Battery for the compact AC Solar Home System is using one of the longest lifetime Lithium technologies and therefore ideal for solar applications. Its excellent behavior at low SOC conditions can give best performance at low sun conditions and allow making use of the full capacity. Additional the wide operating temperature range makes it ideal for most areas in the world. The Integrated MPPT Charge controller and AC inverter with its unique single cell monitoring for optimizing the battery operation can ensure the best System performance.

Uninteruptable Power Supply: it is possible to combine the LS AC with the grid. The LS AC will take over within milliseconds in case of grid outage.

Holistic Plug and Play design: the LS AC is one of the few systems in the market which enable a full plug and play design. For the final installation only small steps required in adding the solar panels and adding the appliances.

The ready to use system makes the product useful for many applications, while significantly reducing the service, maintenance and installation cost.Therefore leading to a higher return on investment on the long run.

Plug and play design perfect for electrification of rural hospitals.

AC/DC refrigeration for off-grid farms to increase their ability to store food.

Stable power supply for offices and industrial applications.