Innovation in Off Grid Technology

Optimized Off-Grid Components

Indoor LED Lamps:

High frequency drivers with no electrolytic capacitors and advanced thermal design and thermal protection makes Zimpertec's 1 to 10W LED lamps excellent for long term performance even under harsh environment.

  • Sunflower Lamps
  • Bulp Lamps
  • Bulp Lamp
  • Mini_Sunflower

Lithium Battery Systems:

Litio Solar Systems are designed for Solar Home and portable power applications. Storage capacity from 51Wh up to 640Wh for operating Lamps, TVs, Fridges and other standard 12V DC appliances.

  • LS_01
  • LSX_3
  • SHS

Battery Charger:

For various types of Batteries Ni-MH - Nickel Metal-Hydride, LiFePO4, Lead Acid:

  • Charger for Lead Acid Baterries. Charge controller for front pannel assembly,
  • CC-NiMH is optimized for Solar System Applications.

  • Charger
  • PB_LiFePO4_Charger

Solar Home Accessories:

Various adapters are available to extend the number of applications of a solar home system:

  • Laptop Charger for Lithium Solar Home System,
  • USB-Radio Battery Adapter,
  • Mobile Phone USB charging adapter,
  • Wire and System extensions.

  • Notebook Charger
  • Smartphone-charger