DC Solar Home System Kits LSX 98 Wh to 294 Wh

It is a Verasol Lighting Global certified (IEC TS 62257) 12.8 V Plug & Play Solar Home System Kit with a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 7.7Ah/ 11.5Ah/ 15.3Ah/ 19.2Ah/ 23Ah. The Zimpertec Battery Management System BMS enables a long system lifetime. Its built-in MPPT solar battery charger, battery monitoring system, and load output control ideally take care of the battery.

The unique LCD will provide valuable and clear system information to the user. For example, the useful battery state of charge with remaining operation time calculation can help the user to manage her energy consumption. The LCD also shows failure codes that can be sent to technicians for fast issue resolution.


The USB outlets allow many 5V USB devices to be recharged or operated. In addition, the three 12V load outlets allows using any 12V system (within power limits). The DC LSX Solar Home system has the PayGo option on demand at the factory level. The Pay-As-You-Go functionality uses the industry-wide Open PayGo standard.

Even the Solar Panels' power is optimized for recharging the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. For faster battery recharging, it is possible to add more solar power to the system, or for more energy demand, several Kits can be combined. The DC LSX is based on the highest quality standards, is designed to reach >2000 cycles and the manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified.

3 Years Manufacturing Warranty

Product Brief:

  • Long life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4),
  • MPPT charger, which allows to parallel on load and supply side,
  • Plug & Play wiring, also for Wire extensions,
  • Optional TV, Radio, Mobile Phone adapter set,
  • LCD display for PayGo Data, Remaining Load Runtime, Failure Codes,
  • LED-Lamps with the unique Sunflower Design,
  • Solar Panel (poly).
  • LSX
  • LSX TV Kit
  • LSX for Household Lighting
  • Sunflower Lighting
  • LATAM Lighting Example

High Lumen lamps 150 lm/W

combined with the Sunflower LED Lamp the kit brings rapidly light to the people. Due to its unique heat sink design and high frequency LED driver with no electrolytic capacitors including the over-temperature protection (dimming) make sure the lamp can last for very long time, even in harsh environment. The built in 6 m wire with switch and plug for easy installation makes the system setup very simple. The extra extension wires make the installation very flexible for adjusting different distance between lamps target place and Lithium System.

Energy Efficient TVs

Zimpertec’s LED Backlight 24" and 32" TV with its low power consumption is ideal for Solar Home System applications. The wide input voltage range can guarantee safe operation with 12V Battery systems. The power wire input is ideal for Zimpertec’s Plug & Play technology.

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