Innovation in Off Grid Technology

Zimpertec's Objectives

We focus on highly efficient and long lasting products fitting the energy demand of people with no access to the national grid. By developing our products in Germany and producing them in a 100% owned factory in China, we are able to meet the international markets expectations concerning quality and price. We combine reliable designs with highly flexible Plug & Play wiring systems into Kit solutions in order to provide the best performance for the users.

History of Origin

It started back in the 1990's engineers at the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm (Germany) developed new technologies rural markets. With the Zimpertec establishment in 2011 we set new goals, in a user centered manner for these technologies!

Solar Home Systems:

When the light of day is in its entirety consumed by ones’ work, the only times left for education are early mornings and late evenings – both of which are characterized by the lack of natural light. Zimpertec has hence made it a corporate objective to provide off-grid lighting systems for home applications. We took first steps towards this objective, when we furnished several Bolivian houses with our Solar Home Systems in 2013. Thereby we want to contribute to a flourishing social life and create learning opportunities for everyone.


Solar powered Businesses


Health Centers:

Street Light Projects

​Light is paramount to getting home safely when it is dark. Unfortunately, several parts of the world do not have a sufficient electric grid to ensure public street lighting everywhere. Since 2012, Zimpertecs’ street light solution provides sustainable light based on its of-grid solar power supply in several countries. Thereby we facilitate social gatherings at night as well as general street safety.