DC Solar Home Systems

Our philosophy is resiliency, our systems must support the end-user sustainably. Therefore, we have clear LFP based strategy for our Solar Home System. Due to the high battery quality in combination with our Zimpertec BMS, we reach >2000 cycles for the LSX/ Power Brick Series and >3000 cycles for the SHS. For all systems 100% of the capacity can be used (100% DoD).

Solar Home Kits

Solar Kits for various application and high flexibility in their component combination.

DC Power Brick
12 to 36 Wh

PS 036/076/144

DC Litio LSX
98 to 294 Wh

DC Litio SHS
320 Wh to 640 Wh

1280 Wh

Advanced BMS

Advanced battery management system designed for off grid applications. Including low-battery warnings, system paralleling and single cell monitoring. The single cell monitoring enables to ensure the health of the battery state, of a solar home system. The integrated one-year datalogger supports analyzing the systems in the field applications. Monitor consumptions, harvests and helps to detect system application problems or failures.


All our systems are Open PAYGO enabled. To offer an easy-to-use integration to existing PayGo Platforms. In case this is not needed, the functionality is deactivated.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Perfectly tuned component engineering. With many years of experience in the development of off grid electronics ensures the system reliability. Due to precise test procedures in our factory and quality curing our systems can withstand the most adverse conditions. Through burn-in tests, our systems are tested in use before delivery.

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